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Personal Injury Attorney | Auto Accident Lawyer | Joe Vecchioli | Tampa, FL
Joseph Vecchioli | Personal Injury & Auto Accident Lawyer serving Tampa Bay, Florida
Tampa Personal Injury Attorney and Auto Accident Lawyer | Joseph Vecchioli

Download our Free Accident Documentation App

Auto Accident Attorneys Tampa Florida - Crash App Download

Have you been in an accident?  Download our Crash App to document everything now!  It's FREE.  Clicking the link from your phone will take you to the Google or Iphone App store depending on your device OS type automatically.

App Screenshots

Car Accident Lawyer Tampa Florida - Crash App Screenshots


Presenting the Joseph Vecchioli, ESQ Mobile App, putting us at your fingertip when you need us the most after an auto accident. With the Joe V Law App you can:

• Report an accident to us with just the push of a button
• Receive immediate attention and peace of mind at the scene of an accident
• Take photos of the crash scene
• Collect important documentation, such as insurance information, and police reports
• Get witness information
• Have access to emergency services, such as tow truck or the nearest hospital
• Get updates on your case
• Receive timely and important Push Notifications 
• Access to our website and social media outlets
• Quick call access to all your legal needs

Following my graduation from Stetson University College of Law, I entered into private practice, focusing on personal injury litigation. This focus assures you that you will be working with an attorney that specializes in this area of the law.

What sets me apart from other personal injury law firms in Tampa is my level of involvement. I personally handle all of my cases from start-to-finish. I work aggressively to represent you against the insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve. Having worked with injured people with all types of injuries, I understand how devastating an accident can be. In fact, I can represent you in an array of circumstances with my personal injury law expertise.

Having been involved in several personal injury trials, I understand the dynamics of the courtroom and I know what it takes to get you a positive outcome.

Auto Accident?

First and foremost, it is recommended that you not discuss fault or facts with anyone except police officers until it is possible to consult with an attorney. Photographs of damages to the car should be taken before the car is repaired, and pictures of bruises and damages to the body must be taken before healing takes place. Rest assured, you will not know how to value your claim, so I advise my clients not to talk to any insurance adjusters regarding your injuries and or accident. My firm will aggressively investigate and research the facts surrounding your auto accident in order to allow you to reach your maximum recovery of damages.

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